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The Harrisburg Area YMCA produces some of the highest quality, family friendly and competitive running events in the Capital District. In 2014, the YMCA will host 7 unique running events that offer something for everyone in the family.

The YMCA is first and foremost a cause-driven and charitable organization helping hundreds of thousands of men, women and children across the country each year.

All of the proceeds from these races benefit youth and family programs at the Harrisburg Area YMCA. Together these events have raised close to $1,000,000 since they have been in existence.

Come out and support the YMCA in your community by running for fun in one of our small races or really competing by trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Harrisburg Marathon. Learn More

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The Aspire Harrisburg Marathon is November 9, 2014.

Run, Walk, Join A Relay Team

The Harrisburg Marathon welcomes competitive runners from across the globe to participate in this Boston qualifier course each year in November. The race typically sees 1,000 runners traveling through the scenic city of Harrisburg. With convenient parking and lodging, this race is one you just can’t miss! READ MORE

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